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Poisonous sand buyers angry

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There is simmering anger among residents in the Asuogyaman District in the Eastern Region, who bought hazardous sand left behind after the construction of the Adomi Bridge.

The poisonous sand, expected to be buried to prevent human contact, was sold to some residents for about GHS300 per trip.

Although the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has confiscated the sand, the residents are yet to have their monies refunded.

One of them, who spoke to Class News said he will not hesitate to curse the driver, who sold the sand to him.

“No one has said anything about money. I am only quiet and not acting because my family asked me not to. I expect the police to listen to our part of the story, so, we can give evidence. Until now, no one has told us anything. All they have done is to transfer the poisonous sand to a dump site. They say it is not their duty to refund our money. If it continues like this, I will not hesitate to invoke the Antoa deity on the driver, who sold the sand to me.”

The EPA acted swiftly to confiscate the sand when news broke earlier this month that some residents were buying the hazardous product.

Residents have been educated about the dangers of using the sand which has a high lead content, harmful to humans.

Source: Ghana/AccraFM.com/100.5fm

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